11 Larapinta Trail Tips

The Larapinta Trail is one of Australia's most iconic walking tracks spanning 231 kilometres following the West MacDonnell Ranges. This End-to-End (E2E) walk which can be completed in 14 to 23 days presents an unique opportunity to experience serene gorges and magnificent sunsets with all the benefits of a supported trek. 

In 2016, myself and three friends set off on a journey through arid Country with the aim of gear testing and transitioning from multi-day walking to thru-hiking. After a powerhouse effort dehydrating meals, planning the itinerary and booking flights we were off, with the good folks at larapintatrail.com.au and larapintatrailtrek.com.au providing excellent knowledge and service for our journey. 

The following helpful insights are by no means an exhaustive list but we think it's a great start and will get you on the right track to an amazing experience.

11 Helpful Hints Walking the Larapinta Trail



William Playne
William Playne


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