1900 Footprints for 1900 Species

Tristan O'Brien is saving our species one step at a time.
Welcome to our newest 50 DAYS ambassador, Tristan O'Brien, who is somewhat of an ecological warrior in his latest campaign, 1900 Footprints. The purpose of 1900 Footprints is to raise awareness for conservation in Australia and to encourage Australians to reconnect with the natural world around them for social, community and environmental benefits. In this country alone, there are more than 1900 animals and plants listed as either threatened or endangered at a Federal level. Unfortunately, this list continues to grow and rarely are species removed from this list for reasons other than extinction. From 18 September, Tristan will be walking to raise awareness and funds for two outstanding environmental organisations in Australia: Bio R and Wollangarra.
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Setting out from Adelaide, Tristan will walk South-East along the Coorong and towards the Victorian coast, meeting a group from Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre to walk the Great Ocean Walk. From Apollo Bay the walk will continue to Melbourne, from where Tristan will take a ferry to Tasmania. In Tasmania, Tristan will walk from the North coast, to the Overland Track, to the West coast and finally finishing the 1900 km journey in Hobart. During his journey Tristan will be taking time to talk to individuals and groups about nature conservation, the need to protect threatened species and the charities he will be supporting along the way. If you are interested in joining Tristan for a leg of the journey, would like to host him in a comfortable bed for an evening or perhaps help him share his message, he would love to hear from you. Contact him here. 

“Because the majority of Australia's, and the world's population now lives in cities, we have lost the benefits to childhood development, health and community that exposure to nature provides. This means we have also lost some of our understanding about why conserving and protecting nature is important, for our health as a society and for biodiversity conservation. 1900 Footprints is my way of highlighting why as a society, reconnecting with nature is needed now, more than ever.” - Tristan O’Brien.

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BioR is a not-for-profit ecological restoration organisation and an Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) listed charity that recreates complex habitats to arrest the decline of threatened species in Australia. Its practices are informed by the latest science, funds provided by donors who wish to offset their own ecological footprints, and restoration works carried out by groups of volunteers who want to reconnect with the natural environment. BioR also guarantees protected sites for at least 100 years, which ensures ecological processes are restored. Tristan has previously volunteered with BioR for a number of years, helping at both operational and on-the-ground levels.

Wollangarra is a not-for-profit organisation and ACNC listed charity that helps young people connect with themselves, their community and the natural world. They are taken out of the comfort of their daily lives into a unique way of living: without electricity, in buildings made from recycled materials, and hiking in small groups.

Tristan worked as Program Manager at Wollangarra in 2016 and was able to witness and facilitate profound experiences for the young people who enter the program. Through these activities these young people grow up understanding that our actions as individuals have an effect on the natural environment. They enter adulthood as stewards of the land and proponents for conservation for the rest of their lives.



There's smarts in that boy...

I was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, where I was regularly exposed to nature in nearby parks and on family camping trips. In 2013 I completed a First-Class Honours Bachelor Degree in Science, majoring in ecology and environmental biology from the University of Adelaide. My Honours research project investigated the habitat use of woodland birds following controlled burns. I also completed a Diploma of Languages in Spanish.

Since then I have worked as a field ecologist for the University of Adelaide, Environment Coordinator of a national environmental program for the vegetable industry, Project Officer in biodiversity planning for Adelaide City Council and more recently as Program Manager at Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre. In 2017 I worked as an Interpretive Guide for natural history in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

These experiences highlighted to me the importance of positive communication and involving people in experiences in nature. I am now committed to highlighting the importance of nature-connection in our day-to-day lives, which not only includes experiencing wild places, but also green urbanism and landscape architecture.

We'd love for you to spread the word about 1900   Footprints with friends, family, colleagues and other ecological warriors and help Tristan raise the funds to reach his target of $19,000.

Donations of any amount are welcome or choose to make a direct impact level donation. $100 will Install a nesting box for a declining bird species and monitor for at least 3 years (60 are needed). $175 to sponsor a life-changing week in the mountains for a disadvantaged young person with Wollangarra!

Anthi Emmanouil-Playne
Anthi Emmanouil-Playne