Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated Mat


Sea to Summit's Comfort Light series bridges the gap between the Ultra Light and Comfort Plus. We have pared weight and bulk where they can be spared and retained plushness where you'll appreciate it. Comfort Light mats are cut to the same tapered outline of the Ultra Light series and layered with Hybrid layer construction.

Hybrid construction consists of high cell resolution Dual Layer construction in the torso and medium-resolution Single Layer construction in the head and leg regions. All the layers are interconnected with the one multi-function valve. Hybrid construction gives high sensitivity and ground clearance where it's needed around the heavier torso and pelvis and saves weight under the legs and head, where less sensitivity and insulation are required. 


R-Value equivalent: 4.2
Thickness:  6.3 cm

Dimensions: 168 x 55 cm
Rolled size: 11 x 23 cm
Air sprung cells: 324
Weight: 550g

Dimensions: 184 x 55 cm
Rolled size: 11 x 23 cm
Air sprung cells: 331
Weight: 580g 

Dimensions:  201 x 64 cm
Rolled size: 11 x 26 cm
Air sprung cells: 396
Weight: 695g


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